Download Speed

I posted in another thread which Ryan has answered in but haven’t heard anything else and didn’t want to drag the topic further off its original subject.

Is anyone else having issues with download speeds for UE4 and the optional extras? They seem to be all over the place - primarily between 100kb/s - 500kb/s. I have a 120MB connection and so normally download between 14-16MB/s but the download speeds are rarely getting there. Located in the UK if that makes any difference.

I have also tried using the pause button within the interface however it doesn’t appear to actually have function in actually pausing the download.

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Hi Steve,

My connection is bouncing around between 200Kbps and 1Mbps, and I’m on a 120Mbps connection too. You wouldn’t happen to be a Virgin Media customer?

I am indeed - had a look at some archived answers from the AnswerHub and that the downloads were being provided via Cloudflare (might not be relevant now) but I suppose VM may be traffic shaping depending on how the download is coming down. If it’s a cloud solution and coming from multiple servers maybe they see it as some form of P2P/Hybrid and its automatically slowed.