Download Speed way too low

Hey there,

i have a problem with the download speed i get in the Launcher. Here is a picture of me downloading Fortnite.

Had the same problem with ShadowComplex 2-3 days ago.

This is my normal downloadspeed in Mbps:

The download speed in the editor does not even reach 1/10 of that. Also it seems like EpicGames internet sites are slow for me, but for now, here is the recent launcher log file:


If you need more information, then please tell me. The speed test below the launcher picture was done a few seconds ago, as well as the picture of the launcher. So i have this download speed right now, while still having a full download speed in the test.

Also a tracert to Don’t know if that tells you guys something:

Hello Exi!

I apologize for the delayed response. Just to clarify, you’re having this issue across all three products. Has this always been the case when downloading the editor or is the speed drop a recent occurrence?

  1. Yes, only all Epic Games and Unreal Engine websites and the Launcher. The Paragon website, as well as the Fornite website. The Launcher, the forum,, even this answerhub here.

  2. It’s all very slow, and yes, this is a recent occurrence.

It think it’s just a problem with my internet provider and your servers or a server in the middle nearly dies :smiley: (tracert…)

Since my download speed works on all other sites and also others don’t experience this issue on your Servers, it might really be something with the connection between me and your servers ):

Hello eXi,

Could you please try the suggestions here, specifically updating your DNS settings, and let me know if this has any affect?

Hey there,

i added the Google DNS to my DNS List. Haven’t made a “before/after” test, but downloading Unreal Tournament is going pretty well. I can’t test something else right now, since i have everything else already downloaded and installed :smiley:

I will mark this thread as resolved until i experience the issues again.

Thanks for your help Leebowitz!