Download restarts from time to time

Soo, My ISP has some problems and the internet hardly reaches 1Mbps.
And I am trying to download UE4, The download starts normally and very good, but sometimes when I resume the download at another time, It starts from zero.

For example, yesterday… I started the download and stopped/paused it at like 65% and then I started the download again at morning; It resumed normally… And when I was going to school, I stopped/paused it again and when I came from school, I started the download again and it started from 0% instead of resuming… Weird, huh ?

That was long… lol

Any help appreciated.

Also, I think the problem is in my computer… I think the app downloads the files in a temp folder, And windows most likely deletes it.

If someone can provide a direct link so I can download it with IDM, It’d be great.

Hi AhmedIM,

The Binary version of the editor must be downloaded through the Launcher. You can however download and compile the source code version of the editor directly through Github. I’m not to familiar with IDM myself but I think it could be used to download from Github.