Download older versions of ue4?

Is there a place I can legally download older versions of unreal engine 4? After 4.2 unreal changed the way it handles ssh. I’d love to find a legit version, rather then having to go to a torrent sites.

If you click the Add Engine button in the launcher window you’ll have the option to install older versions of the engine.

awesome thanks!!

Thanks. I had this question too. I was new to the Launcher’s UI, which looks very ‘cool’, but I couldn’t find the option to install older versions. When you mentioned it, I decided to look again, and found it.

I can find the option. any help?

I don’t find the “launcher” window. Please show me how can I find it!

if you go to your library tab it will have a section showing engine versions and just next to that is a button that allows you to add one or more other version of unreal to your launcher.

When I click the Add versions button, it will only go down to unreal 4.11.2! My project files were started with 4.7 and I’d prefer to keep it that way. Any ideas as how to download 4.7?

It should list every version, the only thing that doesn’t keep old versions are some of the sample projects provided by Epic (like Elemental demo) which don’t necessarily have the old versions available.

Ah I see the drop down arrow now, and feel like an idiot. Thank you! :slight_smile:

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Hey guys, slightly older thread but I’m looking to get hold of 4.12.4, but the only install options are 4.13, 4.12.5 then nothing below that until 4.11.2. Any thoughts?

You only have the option for the final patch of a particular version (4.8, 4.12 etc). I’m pretty sure anything older would only be missing bug fixes.

Thanks for the info Grimwolf!

You have to download source, and compile it yourself…

ok, thanks Syed, probably out of my capability lol

You can update to older versions of UE4, you don’t need to download source.


thank you. i successfully found it and downloaded an older version.


thanks for the help :slight_smile:

I am trying to learn the unreal engine 4 by watching the tutorials. But i have a problem, When I go to content bowser I try to look for archvis but I don’t have that map like speaker itself. How can get to this? Because of this i don’t have much “materials” or “mesh” to follow the course.

I hope I get a quick response