Download material and creating own material library

Dear all,
I want to create my own material library.
I set up a New Project to gather all materials, however, I discover the following problem:

  1. When mirgrating from some existing project to my material library project very often the mapping link has been disappeared; I am already putting into the Content folder same as the originally project directory.
  2. Some materials that I download from internet in “uasset” file format without project I cannot import it into the Content folder.

Many thanks for help.

You can always do it via windows file explorer. That’s what I do! Copy-paste from a ‘‘content’’ folder to another one!

There are several Ways dont give up :slight_smile:

Have you tried highlighting the nodes within a specific material copy and paste it into a notepad text file and it. when you need those exact nodes. open the text file, copy the content, paste the logic into the new material, the nodes will still be connected.

another way would be to drag and drop into the content folders just make sure you close your project first.

i haven’t tried this one but you can export the material through the asset actions menu when you right-click on the asset within the content browser.