Download image from computer

Hi, I’m trying to download an image to my game from the computer where it’s running. I’m using the node Download image. It is working just fine when I download an image from the web but I cannot make it work when I try to download an image from the computer. I tried with file:/// +image path, but doesn’t work.


*Btw, I’m running on a mac, just in case that makes a difference.


EDIT: Maybe I have to grant access to my computer?
EDIT 2: I saw this post from [USER=“21609”]Rudy Q[/USER] pointing at the file:/// solution but again doesn’t seem to be working. Perhaps I’m missing something. Filesystem, user can upload image to the game? - UE4 AnswerHub

you can add breakpoint at the UAsyncTaskDownloadImage::HandleImageRequest(…) to see any CURL errors (CurlCompletionResult) in the AsyncTaskDownloadImage.cpp .

In my case, it was: can’t read a file. because I forgot to add the extension in the path.

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Can you share an example of the local file path… Is it specific to the target platform? What does the file / folder spec look like. Any special formatting or escape characters needed? :thinking:


Update: for the shipping build you must convert relative path (from ProjectContentDir) to absolute:

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