Download Image and Android on 4.26

Hello everyone.

I’m using UE 4.26.2 and I’m having an issue with the Download Image node when developing an Android app.
This is my code:

This block sequence works perfectly in the PC version of my code, but not in the Android version, which is where I need it. The Print String on the On Success node is activated, but the supposed downloaded image doesn’t update on the image widget (I tried using it this way inside a Dynamic Material Instance and also tried using it directly as Set Brush from Dynamic Texture).

I tried disabling the Libcurl Verify Peer option on project settings and checked that my app has android.permission.INTERNET enabled.

The image I’m trying to download is in an HTTPS address and its format is jpeg.

Does anybody know what this might be or had the same issue before?

Have you already tried with Verify Peer option enabled?

Yes. Enabled or disabled makes no difference. The On Success node is being called, so I assume the image is being downloaded, but it never updates the image inside the widget.