Download for multiple computers

I have purchased UE4 and have my subscription active but have not been able to activate the engine on more than one computer for our teams use. UE4 works fine on the initial one but after downloading on the 2nd machine it won’t open on it.

Am I supposed to purchase UE4 at $19 per month for every computer we’re going to have for my team to use? As an indie that would be a bit costly for us…and the EULA doesn’t address this question that I have found.

HI GameHatcher -

According to our EULA, “The Licensed Technology is licensed to you for use by a single User. The User may store the Licensed Technology on any of the User’s computers, but the Licensed Technology cannot be shared with others (including any other employees or agents) except through a permitted Distribution as described above.”

So to directly answer your question, yes you would need to get a license for each user that will simultaneously use the engine.

Thank You

Eric Ketchum