Download entire Unreal Engine?

I am looking for an installer with the entire Unreal Engine 4 since I am using multiple machines where some have no web connection. It already used the search function and looked through the FAQ but no answer could be found.

Does anybody know where I can get the setup files for this purpose? Thanks a lot!

You have to either connection the machines to the internet and use the installer in the launcher, or you can download the source from GitHub and build it from source on those computers.

Thanks for the hint! But even after downloading the git files as ZIP, it says in the instructions “Open your source folder in Explorer and run Setup.bat. This will download binary content for the engine, as well as installing prerequisites and setting up Unreal file associations.”

So, again it seems like there is a web connection required o.O

I am sorry but this is not very helpful. You may want to read my initial request

ya i am looking for the same thing but there is no standalone. Which sucks balls. I don’t want my dev machine online. In any case this is not possible at this time as far as i know.

So why not run the setup.bat on the computer with the connection, then copy the content over?

So…there is not installation at this point? Just a download?

Well, I am just saying that it should be a lot easier! If you look at the Cryengine 3, it is really awesome that you don’t even need to install anything. Just download an archive, extract its content and you are good to go. There is no good reason why Unreal Engine 4 should be different, right?

ya but the Cry Engine is not free!!! lol

I do not know what you mean but you can download CryEngine officially for free

If I recall, setup.bat downloads the dependencies needed for the engine and sets up some file associations. Been a while since I looked at the source, so if I’m wrong some one feel free to correct me.

oh ya… where???

The old, no longer updated free SDK is here.

At this page
you select CRYENGINE Free SDK and hit ‘Download’ which gives you a ZIP file

Dam you…gonna go Cry now…

thanx man…gonna try it out.

Edit: Not the real engine…for non commercial projects only.

you may be talking about license, but it is the real engine

It is the real (yet outdated) engine; it has been tied to a subscription through Steam some while ago, though.

//Edit: @TRSS: Beat me to it :smiley:

Guys guys, so we agree that a complete setup file for the Unreal Engine 4 is needed?

Because it is very common for professional environments that only a few machines are connected to the Internet for security purposes (which applies to my case as well) and the main production runs on the more or less isolated PCs.

Really surprising that Epic does not offer this feature (as it seems). Makes me doubt their respectability.

Sorry got off topic there. I agree with you. A stand alone is needed…PLEASE EPIC MAKE IT HAPPEN.

There’s also a workflow at these companies for setting up the machine. Namely being when they are being setup by IT they are connected to the internet to install any software or updates needed before being deployed. That’s at least how it is done where I work.