Download Engine For Launcher Manually

I searched around but couldn’t find a definitive answer to this.

I’d like to be able to download the engine binaries (the same downloaded by the Epic Games Launcher), but from a zip file or similar.

Problem is that I have a metered connection in a rural area and the ~10GB+ download would eat up my month’s bandwidth cap.

I have permission to download files from another location which has an enterprise internet connection, but I can’t install the launcher there to download the engine and just copy the folder to a jump drive.

If I download the source from github and build it as is, can I then copy the resulting binaries to where the Epic Games Launcher points to for it’s engine binaries?

Any other suggestion?

- Update -

If anyone else is in a similar situation. I tried the suggestion from Nachtmahr below, and it was sufficient to build the engine on my local machine. I haven’t figured out how to link the engine to the Epic Games Launcher yet though.

As far as Im aware you cant download it as a Zip. But yes you can download the Source and Run the Setup.bat that will download all the dependencies. This folder you then can zip up and build it at your Home Computer. If you Update the Engine source later on and Run the Setup.bat again it will only download missing or changed dependency files so it wont take that long anymore for you. For everything else just follow the instructions on the github Page.

I will try this method tomorrow and report back. Thanks for the reply.