Download behind firewall

Hi all,

I’m trying to download UE4 from behind a company firewall which I cannot modify or deactivate. I’ve tried adding the -http=wininet flag after the link path to the launcher, which seemed to solve the problem for other users, but no go. Is there a way I can at least download and install the EXE and perhaps work offline? Please keep in mind I do not have Dev Studio so I cannot download the binaries and compile them. I need the EXE directly.



Hi robsteiner,

You will need to ask your IT department to put in an exception for When it comes to firewalls, the only options are to temporarily deactivate it or add in an exception.

You can take a look through the troubleshooting guide to see if any of the other steps may work for you.



Hi, unfortunately I can’t get around the firewall issue. Does that mean I can’t download UE4?

The other options are to download Source from Github and compile it. But you said above that you aren’t able to do that on your machine.

Or you could download the engine from home (or wherever else is available) then transfer it to your work machine. It can be tricky but here is some info on that and I’m sure you can find more users that have tried this on AnswerHub and the Forums.

That would be the only option, only at home I use a Mac and in the office, I have a PC. Aaaaarrrggghhh!!!