Download as many packs within 48hours to celebrate Arteria3d's 13th Birthday

(Mods - hopefully you allow this post, as its really giving something back to the unreal community to celebrate Arteria’s birthday and some great packs for unreal users)

This September, Arteria3d celebrate 13 years in Business. Today, we are running a special GiveAway Day - in so much as, for just $25 you can download as many packs from the site as you wish, and have 48hours to do so. With over 300 packs for the taking, this is a great Birthday treat from us.

All the packs you download can be used Royalty free and without any further payments to Arteria3d

To purchase this visit the link below - after purchase, you will receive a login to the site to start your downloading! Also, all our products are provided with FBX which work un unreal, and of course you get access to all our fuse content too