Downhill Skateboard mini Game

Good day,

I am a newbie, trying to get something work for fun.

I would like to know how I could continue my work. Already taking my hairs off for a few days on.
After finally getting to import a rigged and “almost good character” and managed to get some good animations for my guy (link attached)

I would like to go further manage to get this guy down a slope. But yeah… that is where I am left with.

Should I use the skateboard or the character to apply the control settings ?
Should I blend both rigs ?
Better to start from a Vehicle based or classic 3rd person?
Should I better go to sleep ? :smiley:

Hope someone here would be able to get me the right line to take. I am not afraid of narrow and tricky ones.

Bouteille à la mer.

Hello people !

Update of the project. The board is interacting well with the inputs.

I am now looking for a way to animate the skeletal rig of the named Pépite monkey.

Would like to set is up as so :

  • When going straight foward -> Idle animation when speed is low.
    -> Schuss pose, when hitting Foward input (z - front arrow - or up joystick)
    -> “Airbreak” pose, when hitting back input (s - back arroz - or down joystick) -> Should work only if SPEED IS HIGH.

*When going left/ right This is were it get tricky for me :

1.turn animation from 1 degrees to 25 degrees (board rotation)
2. turn hand down 30 to 45
3. slide brake no hands down 45 to 60
4. slide brake hands down 60 to 90

I should also find out a system to choose if and down slide or not. but yeah that’s for later.

For now what I managed to do this Rotation based animblueprint using a blend space.
It works almost. When going “slide braking” the character play the correct animation.

But when the board just going down the hill very quick anim pose are playing :’( Where is my mistake ???)

Should I set up the animation regarding the vehicle physics proprieties ?

I am full beginner in game dev, so may have gone completely wrong. Feel free to comment.