Downgrade project to a previous version


I have a problem with Unreal Engine 4.16.1. Everytime I try to open another level, it just reloads the current one.
So I would like to convert back my project to UE 4.15.3.


UE4 does not support backwards compatibility (which is odd) but yes, you should try to fix your 4.16.1 problems instead.

Uhh… It’s a glitch. I didn’t do anything wrong.

Hey Dony,

Have you reported this as a bug to They can help you out there with the issue as well.

Yes, I did. But I’m actually retargetting my project to 4.15.3 by copying and pasting every assets, one by one.

Here’s the topic :

As much as such functionality is desired, it is probably impractical to implement it. One way to safeguard yourself from such issues is to have a backup of the whole project.

Also, you need to be using source control right now. Perforce, Git, SVN, etc are life savers that should be used on every project.

Yeah, I should make backups. For now, i’ll keep using UE 4.15.3 and wait for an update…

If you are upgrading, make sure to keep the backup of the old copy. Test everything first in the upgraded version, and only when you get comfortable (and no strange bug found) then you can proceed developing in the new version copy.

I keep reading backup, but you don’t want backups, you want version control. As in every change ever done stored on a server at your company, in the cloud, on your computer - every change, not just backups when you can predict that you might break your project.