Downgrade Blueprints from 4.27 to 4.26

Does anyone know of a way to convert UE 4.27 Blueprints so they will open in 4.26?

Simply copy pasting the .uasset files doesn’t work.

Well quick way he he he no but a extremely long and time consuming way you may have to automate yes
If you haven’t used any 4.27 features yet then you can probably just copy and paste all the blueprints with all the components of every single thing

And yes you will hate life

Try the “Migrate Assets” menu option in the “asset actions” menu.
I can’t recall whether I’ve backed down a version this way, but I think it should be possible.

The folder that it asks for is going to be the “Content” folder of your project – not some subfolder, and not the project folder itself, btw. It will give you a little bit of a warning if you select something else, but maybe that warning isn’t always strong enough for everyone to always pay sufficient attention :slight_smile: