Dow do i load player where they last was?

Hello all i’m trying to make an open world game and was wanting to make it where the player could walk up to a place that would send them to a other level like skyrim/fallout dose (I.E I have level A with 2 places that the player can go that loads new levels and the player in level A walks into the trigger that sends them to level B then the player that’s in level B walks to the exit of level B to trigger them back to level A at the point where they came in at.)

Fallout/Skyrim handle this with specially placed door markers, that indicate where the player will spawn on the other side, doors are linked to each other, so you will always travel to/from the same location using that door.

I known this but i was asking how would i go by doing this using blueprints.

It’s kind of sounding like your expecting someone to do it for you… the basic way to do it without doing it for you COULD be either collision overlap objects where when you begin overlap you can pop a load screen image and then run a load level bp to move on the the next level. Of course you will either have to work with the save game system here or pass all the variables between a persistent bp like game instance.

You could also use action mapping. “Press E” or something when your looking at a door. The the same as above applies for the rest.

Loading the player on the other side would be handled in different ways depending on if it’s multi player or not.

Point is there is A LOT of ways to go about this. The best way is to create a test project with a bunch of levels with a test player with a bunch of variables and play with it until you find a solution that works and that you like.

I’m not trying to get someone to do it for me i rather do it myself, I simply want to know how to go by doing this,i have a box setup so it loads the player into the other map when they walk into it but how do i get it to send the player back to the same spot when they come back, It’s not going to be a multi-player game but if you can’t help then please don’t post sense you want to be rude, I’m only asking sense the only info i can find is for multi-player setups.

did you read the whole post? i gave you a couple of MANY ways to do this. mostly you use your gameinstance or other persistant BP to save variables that need to be saved. you could have the Boxes into the levels named a certain way so when you collide with the box a variable is set in the game instance, when you pop out in the other level you would check for the object you collided with in the previous level and set location accordingly. there is likely a bunch more ways to do it if more people gave ideas. the engine is very flexible that way.

i did read the whole post, I’ll try that out thank you