(Doubt) Pawn sensing while crouching

Hey there guys!

I’ve encountered some knowledge issues when developing a hiding mechanic in my FPS.
What I have set is an AI that has a pawn sensing attribute. This works fine until I try to crouch behind a partial cover (made of BSP) and even though it is clearly tall enough to hide my player, the AI still fires the pawn sensing.

I assume the problem is in the player capsule, since when I crouch I only change the mesh animation, but the capsule keeps its height and width. The problem is the engine doesn’t allow me to change the X,Y,Z coordinate of the capsule, only its half size, and therefore I find myself stuck with this mechanic.

Do you guys have encountered the same problem? Does pawn sensing fires when the AI ‘sees’ the capsule collision box or when it sees the player mesh?

Also, I have an image as reference.

Thanks for your time,

Im almost certain that the pawn sensing is looking at the collision capsule. Because when I make the capsule super small my character is virtually invisible to the A.I. I used the half height node to change the size. Hope this helps

Yes, you were right about it, I ended up finding that too.
Thanks for your reply!