(DOUBT) - Creation of Heaven

Good Night Staff :slight_smile:

Again, asking for help. This time, the creation of heaven, I realized this a little different from how it was done in Unreal 3. Could direct some tutorial, if any?

Very grateful!
Att: Claudio

What are are you talking about?

So Heaven was build on UE3 ? Wow, such a revelation. This engine is much more powerfull than i thought.
But we’re glad to hear that you work on an updated UE4 version of it. :slight_smile:

For a tutorial, ask God maybe.

(I’m sorry for that :rolleyes:)

I think he talks about bioshock :wink: Yep, Bioshock was made with the UE3 which is and was a really powerful engine

Maybe he is talking about volumetric clouds or skydome? o.o

Then I have a tutorial for him: :smiley:

The original Bioshock was actually made on “Unreal Engine 2.5”, with some additional changes from BioWare, who had full source code access due to their license.

Sorry, I refer to SkyDome and volumetric clouds…

Here is a skydom tutorial for UDK (it’s nearly the same as in the UE4):

I will test, personal Thankful!