[doubt] bypassing system requirements, check, for preparing assets for the marketplace


I plan to start selling assets on the epic game store. My main goal is to:

  • having a passive income source;
  • earning money to buy a new computer;
  • becoming financially independent, as liberal professional;

However, i have a small problem with this:

  • my computer doesn’t meet minimum system requirements to prepare assets for the marketplace

I have a macbook a1278 from mid 2011, and it doesn’t meet the minimum requirements necessary to run the engine

I would like to know if there’s any alternative to deal with such issue, including:

  • a) -> bypassing system requirements check and graphics engine
  • b) -> being able to upload the assets via the epic games site frontend
  • c) -> being able to uload the assets via ftp

Looking forward
Kind regards

I dont see why it wont install in your Macbook, is it using at least OSX 10? If Im not mistaken it is a Core Duo, so some operations like compiling shaders, building lights will suffer with just 2 cores and the experience would not be good “maybe”. I dont think it is possible to bypass the system requirements, unless you use an old version of the engine, which have change so much that I would advise against going anything previous version 4.12, we are actually at 4.18 and moving soon to 4.19. Working on an older version would benefit you since you can deliver assets which are compatible with those versions forward, but all depends on which kind of assets you are planning on selling.

As for submission, there are guidelines specific for each type of content, so the Marketplace revision team will look if your asset are following the rules, before authorizing the asset to be showed into the store. Usually, people hold a link for the item being submitted, google drive or one drive as example, and this link is provided during the submission, which once your asset gets approved you can delete the content and disable it.