Doubt about default manequin animations

Is it possible for me to use the Third Person Idle Animation to create a crouch animation and then a transition in between so I can have the whole movement? If its possible, how can I do it?

Using only UE4? I don’t think so. You probably need to export the mannequin to a modeling program and create the crouch animation yourself, then import it back into Unreal. I doubt you’d need to make a transition animation, though – you could merely blend between the idle state and the crouch state.

Oh thank you very much. I have one last concern, how do I import the animation mesh and skeleton to blender so I can use all that to create my animation? I am learning right now and it’s quite difficult for me to animate and model in blender.

You could export all animations from UE4 pretty easy via double-click on the animation and hit the big Export button on the top of Persona. You get asked if you would export just the animation or anim and mesh in that case. I like blender (and found animation easier than with MayaLT so far) but had no luck with UE4->Blender->UE4 using 2.75a (while this works better with MayaLT). It’s working well if you use blender just as output pipeline. There is some Addon for blender with a mannequin mesh and a nice rig (with IK and helper bones) for blender - There are some crouch animations in the free Animation Starter Pack as well. There is a good tuturial using these animations - But in any case if you are going to use or modify exported stock animations up to 4.8.3 engine beware of the current mannequin animation bug

Unfortunately, I’m not having a lot of success moving an animation from Blender to UE4 at the moment.

I can tell you how I’d get the skeletal mesh, though. In your project, find the mesh and highlight it, then click “export,” like this:


You don’t need to export the skeleton separately. You’ll need to save the mesh somewhere.

In Blender, you simply hit “import” in the file drop-down. The mesh is exported as an FBX, so import it as such, and bam, it’s there. It will be a bit small, though, for some reason – exactly 100 units too small, in fact. If I were you, I’d select both the mesh and the skeleton together and size them up appropriately. (If your hotkeys are anything like mine, you need only type S, 100, then hit Enter.)

You’re free to mess with the model or the skeleton as you see fit or animate it. But like I said, I haven’t had much success getting it back into UE4 in one piece.

EDIT: Whoops, @Neutronux beat me there. Didn’t know about the bug.

I thank you both very much. I definitely will try both sugestions. I already tried the tutorial with the Animation Starter Pack, and it great but it doesn’t work the way I want it. For example it has move forward, backward, right and left, while the default mannequin is more natural in its movement.

Thanks for the answers, I will try to make it work with the info you gave me, awesome :D!