Doubt about 2 animations blending at the same time

Hey guys. So, I participated in the Spring into Action Game Jam (Sea Boxers) and after some forgotten doubts, something is not smelling right about my animation logic:

First the problem came across. The game consisted in these two main things:
With one Thumbstick, I move my character
With the other, i set his looking direction

Here’s the video showing the logic in action

To solve this, i separated the model (One Skeletal Mesh for the top body, One for the bottom) to simplify the process, because the blending between these two things in my mind can’t happen in one skeletal mesh.

Now I come to you, people. Is possible to have the same system with one skeletal mesh? I can’t find a logic in my head how i can solve this problem. How can I have a charge attack while moving the feet in another direction? And another thing: I need to Rotate the Upper body by a blendspace or rotating the spine bone?

You can have the character as one skeletal mesh. In your Anim Graph there’s a node called ‘Layered Blend Per Bone’ that allows you to mix two poses / animations onto a single skeletal mesh and separate them by bone (so one input for the lower body and another input for the upper body).

Could you just set the looking direction on the upper body with an Aim Offset?