Doubt: 2d character climb a rope and swing

Hello, I am beginner in the EU4 and am developing a 2d game and am trying to make the character climb a rope and swing, the problem is that I have no idea how to do this. I have looked tutorials, but only against systems plugins. I also tried to adapt the climbing wall 3d to 2d, but it still fails.
Could anyone help me? At least with the logic of the system? Or a tutorial about?
Thank you.

I know you are going 2d. But for starters, why try 3D side scroller, looks better and it is so much easier to adopt things.


But with 3D side scroller I can spend the fundamentals then to 2d? Or have to adapt some things to work in 2d?

If you get 3D, you will get 2D, however if you are wanting to make a 2D game, there is nothing wrong with going for that. Also know that 2D and 3D objects are completely interchangeable. In this way, you can have a 3D IK rope and a 2D character with no problem.

To climb and swing on a rope, you will want a couple of different things. Mainly, you are creating a state machine. Is the character touching a rope? If so, what rope? Are we pressing the right buttons? If all then is true, then do something.

I would look up some Unreal tutorials on 2D state machines, and go from there.
Don’t be afraid to spend a few hours on tutorials. You will learn an incredible amount very quickly. Blueprints are very intuitive.

As I am new to the engine not know I could have this interaction 2d-3d.
Thank you for your help, I’ll take a look at the state machine.
I was studying for the tutorials and documentation, but was focused only on the 2d, now I will start looking 3D also.

Still looking for an answer on this?

Yes, still I look for answers, since my attempts have failed.

I know this is 3 years old, but if you still havent found a solution and moved on here is what I did. I set up the fundementals for the rope. On overlapping the rope it locks character movement to the ropes position until jump is pressed. When movement key is pressed you move the ropes rotation and not player position. Player position and rotation updates to follow the rotation of the rope. Use interptomovement to calculate speed and store in variable. When jump is pressed launch character at that speed with whatever multiplyer you want. Set players rotation back to standard position in air.

This will make player “grab rope” ,then swing, then release on jump, and rotate accordingly.

Alternatively for launching you can set up a variable to store the rotation of the rope and depending on the value of that variable you can set the launch direction and distance to what you like.