DoubleTap OR SingleTap OR DoubleTap and Hold?

Hello all, I’m trying to set up an input macro that reads button presses and outputs ONE (and only one) of the following options: SingleTap, DoubleTap, or DoubleTap and Hold. I’ve got doubletap working fine, but when I go to add single tap I get both single and double tap firing sequentially, which makes the controller just fire the single tap event. I heard one could manage this via the input manager, but I couldn’t see how, so I am trying to build a macro. The doubletap macro in the first image works fine, but when I try to add single tap I get the problem I stated above, which is that both single and doubletap fire from the macro, which doesn’t help me… Plus, I have no idea where to start on a ‘doubletap and hold’ style output. I’m sure there’s a simple answer, I just could use some help finding it. The macro in the first image works, the second and third do not, any help would be appreciated, thanks!

I suppose I’ll bump this, as I’m still searching for a solution.

Hi, I am also looking for this. Some body please help.

Here is a way to do it

Your image is broken

fixed , thanks!

Inspired by Mhousses sollution I Turned my sollution into a Macro.
It’s a bit bit spaghetti-ish, and I’m not sure the comments are readable at all but here it is