Double tap problem


I have a problem with my double tapping of an ability. I want to have a dodge roll on my character that can be used by double tapping A,S or D depending on where player wants to dodge. The blueprint works just fine when I’m not pressing anything else, but if I press W(Forward) for example, the blueprint somehow counts that W press as one click and as I push D, character will roll sideways, when it clearly shouldn’t. I included a picture of the dodge blueprint. I have the same blueprint for A,S and D, only the input key changes.

Thanks in advance.

Hello @Karitsa ,
It may be good to “save” the key released and check at the next key released if :

  • it’s the same key release as the one saved
  • the timer is short enough

ex :
Pressing W
→ want dodge forward
Release W → Press/Release W → Timing And Same Key => Dodge

With this, it is not possible to dodge with a WD (or other) combo

Hello there, I understand what you mean, but I can’t wrap my head around how could I implement this.

:exclamation: It is not tested :exclamation:

I was thinking of something like that

Cycle :
Release → Saved → Press → Check Timer/Same key → Dodge

And I think it allow
Press W → double tap D => Dodge

The TimerDodge need an update, on tick will be overkill (but can work)
Maybe an event lauch on release could be better.

Hoping someone jump on your problem with a (better) fix / process

I will try this out and see if I can come up with a solution. Thanks a lot mate!

If you find a solution,
could you share it here ?
I would like to know how you did it in the end

Have a nice day