Double springarms cause jitter in Standalone game, NOT in editor preview

Helloo, recently I wanted to work on smoothing my playercharacter camera as well as its attached objects and
So far I’ve managed to make a setup I am happy with and can easily tweak, but there is one issue…

When I play my project in standalone game, the 2nd springarm (springarm that smoothes/lags the attached objects to the controller) starts to jitter when I start walking as the playercontroller.

Preview editor window GIF: Springarm Jitter - Preview Window GIF | Gfycat (does NOT jitter on movement)

Standalone game GIF: Springarm Jitter - Standalone Game GIF | Gfycat (Jitters on movement)

Am I maybe overlooking something when using springarms?

I’ll attach some screenshots of my controller hierachy as well as the springarms and camera/weapon settings


(NOTE: attached screens and videos are of a CLEAN project. I found this issue in my real project but wanted to test in a clean one too and the issue still persists)

Thanks a lot in advance :>

EDIT: This issue apparently could have something to do with camera lag on static meshes. Camera lag on camera’s seems to work just fine in Standalone mode, but when using this setting on a springarm that uses a Static mesh as child it causes jittering in standalone mode.