Double sided 3D widget

I’ve been having trouble finding any info on this exactly.
It might not even be implemented yet but I was curious to see if there was a little trick to getting a 3D widget in the world space that displays both the front and reverse sides.

The catches are;

  1. The widget is transparent
  2. The opposite end needs to show the reversed/flipped side of the widget

Now I did find this post here:

It pretty much shows exactly what I’m talking about if I click the “Double-Sided” parameter, which leads me to think that is not what the purpose is for.

4 years later…

If you want a widget that is normal on one side and flipped on the other (being readable on both sides). Make a copy of the engine M_Widget3DPassthrough and then make the changes in the photo to the top set of nodes.

  • Top SlateUI Param2D has Sampler Source: Clamp.
  • Set material to Two Sided

The solution mentioned at this link worked for me in 4.25.1:…sided-bug.html