Double Rendered Scope

So i was hoping someone can gave me a tutorial or a how to to make a dual rendered scope cause it looks fantastic and i like it so maybe someone can gave me a rough image of how to do this

Dual Rendered Scope:

One way of doing it is to have it so that on the weapon mesh there’s a plane behind the actual sights, with a render target that is being used to display a view from a camera in the same position as the player camera, only with a different field of view. Should be quite easy to set up.

its quite confusing can you explain me even thorough im not very good with words

Just so you know, the image shown isn’t two different renders.
They appear to be applying a post process to the non-scope part of the screen to create the blur.

Otherwise, what ambershee said - use Render Target & Scene Capture Component.

The render target can be created as a regular asset or at runtime.
Rama’s plugin has has a function for creating render targets at runtime.

The scene capture component can be pre-placed on an asset or created at runtime.

One you have both a render texture and scene capture component, you can set the RT to be updated by the scene capture component and then use the result in what ever material you like.

This could be a UI element or part of a mesh, such as a monitor or, as ambershee suggested, plane inside a scope.

There are some tutorials floating around that go into more detail.
I suggest trying them out first.

Keywords are : render target & scene capture component.