Double print issue

I’m currently working on a multiplayer chat system, and i’m having this issue that, everytime i print something from the HUD widget, active for all players, it prints the same thing twice. I even get this issue while adding a child widget.

Also, apparently this does not have anything to do regarding the number of players connected, as i get the same issue with only the server player connected.

Any clue on what could it be?

Here’s an image of the issue:

In this image, there is only one player, and the bottom red circle indicates the duplicated child widget.

Thanks in advance.

Are you running a separate dedicated server? If not, it might be printing it once for the client and once for the server if you are running in the default combine mode?

I just tried running it on a dedicated server from the option within the engine and without a dedicated server, and the issue is still appearing in both cases. What should i try to change to not print once for the server and once for the client?

Update; I have been testing and i found out that, if i add a DoOnce node right before all the code that adds a chat line gets executed, it only does it once. After all this code, adding a little delay and using it to reset the DoOnce node does the trick. Solved for now, but still quite a bit strange.