Double precision?

Now ue4 has double variables exposed in blueprints. Does this mean ue5 will upgrade for doubles for vector locations as well? So far set actor is still using floats for vector position. But allowing doubles to be exposed is this something epic will incorporate? Or are they still limited due to nvidia physx engine? I prefer doubles for set actor location as it can make the map bigger compared to using world partition or whatever the new feature is called. Because for space games, world partition doesn’t necessarily work for multiplayer? Unless they havent revealed something else new. I know too soon to tell but if anyone working at epic ue5 what’s the talk around double precision?

I also look forward to double precison. The official staff of the unreal engine mentioned this issue. He said that UE5 will support double precison. But I did not find relevant information in the current version.

You can look at sources. The conversion is in progress. Chaos already support doubles, but rest of engine is being worked on.

It’s as simple as replacing float > double, you must also change SIMD functions to optimize them for doubles.