Double Precision Floats

I’m currently working on a bit of a passion project, seeing if I can get a fully scaled solar system to be created in Unreal Engine 4, this is currently seeming to be rather difficult due to the limitations of single precision floats being used. Which, frankly I’m a bit surprised at given the versatility of Unreal, but regardless, my request is that either Unreal Engine 4 be switched to utilise double precision floats, which would allow for greater scaled projects to be created, or an option be integrated that allows for a project to be changed from single precision to double precision.

Such an option would still allow for engine versatility, while eliminating the requirement of using double precision for those whose projects don’t need it. And although I understand that there is a plug-in on the Marketplace for double precision, it’s something that I believe should be built into an engine, not something that you add onto an engine for a cost.

I hope to hear back regarding this suggestion, and I hope that it’s considered.