Double Jumping Animation

Hi, Anyone have a thought as to why my double jump animation isn’t playing? On my transitions to DoubleJump I have a bool called doublejumping that should get triggered when Jump Current Count is < 2 and OnJump Event is triggered.

Try this setup. I think everything else you made is correct.

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Hey , This is the setup I have for the double jumping animation, minus the Not bool for the transition back to JumpLoop, but even with that change it doesn’t work.

Try this:

(You can ignore the On Water bool). The jump counter var defines how many jumps you can make.

No luck :confused: I think it might have to do with that I have a BP_Parent, and then 3 child characters with their own animation blueprints. Only one of the characters has double jump ability and I set it in their child blueprint. But the inputJump action is handled within the parent.