double jump when touch the wall

i am wandering how i can make that blueprint code, i will animate a jump animal and i want him to jump again when the animal touch the wall and you press again the jump buttom
is this posible ?

ray tracing forward from the center/hip or even capsule component
if hit and distance < whatever is approriate you allow for another jump.

Hopefully you are already coding things to check if you can or cannot jump again with a boolean variable “can jump?” sort of thing.
If you aren’t you would have to re-do all the logic to allow for it.

Basically drive the “jump” funcion in the character blueprint based on a boolean variable that you set to true if on floor - or whenever else you may need, like when your capsule is close to a wall.

For bonus points you could do a completely different animation for jumping against a wall… but you do still need to call the built in Jump function…

i will make the second jumb the same i need to test the code, later i will change the secondary jump
i will try to do that man thanks :slight_smile: