Double door BP issue


First of all sorry for my english, well i’m learning UE4 and the first thing I want to do is do my house with some cool style (land grass) and in order to do that I want to make a door but it’s a double door, I watch a tutorial on youtube (it’s for only one door) but I modified the BP to do it with two doors.

It works right… only the first time


that’s my BP and this is what do (ajustar its the setter, i have to put my UE4 in english):

E -> open two doors
E -> closes two doors
E -> only open the right door (the left try to do reverse, and it stays on reverse)

What is going on? I think it’s all ok (but it’s not)

Thank you

Try to change the pin connection “Play” to “Play From Start”, and also change “Reverse” to “Reverse From End”, that could work…

Nope, doesn’t work, in fact its even worst…

How does your doors obey using that blueprint script?

Oh sorry, this is another part of the BPScript


I used this tutorial but I modified the BPDoor to make a double door

Okay, I think that I figure it out, but I am not at home, so let me explain what to do.

In this part of your script
Change it to > intead of <

Sorry but doesnt work :frowning: with this, i have this

E → left closed, right open
E → left opens, right closes

I think its logic because the condition is inversed, but i think it’s about the setter or something like this :confused:

Anyway doing debbug, the variables leftDoorIsOpen and rightDoorIsOpen are:

E → (true, true) opens two doors
E → (false, false) closes two doors
E → (false, true) opens only right door
E → (false, false) closes only right door

why is not changing the value of the var?

Why don’t you try to use only one time line for both doors. Just use one timline for both, so you will only execute after your “SetRelativeLocation” of the left door you will execute the right door “SetRelativeLocation”. Maybe that’s why it doesnt works properly.

Ok, i’ll try and told you :slight_smile: thanks!

Perfect! it work, I leave you the image with the new system


Oh! Good! If you have any more issues or question don’t doubt in asking :wink: :smiley: