Double clicking in Browser Windoe Scene makes everything disappear


Please help. I accidentally double clicked one of the actors in the Browser Window Scene tab and now everything in my level has disappeared. Even if I open another level this smae issue still happens.

Please help!! I’m on a really tight deadline!


Hi AllanG,

Can you post this on the AnswerHub in the bugs section. When you do so can you reply back here with the link to that post.

In the post please include the following and when you get a chance post that information here as well:

  1. Version of the engine you are using?
  2. Are you using GitHub Source (if so, which branch) or the Launcher version?
  3. Is this only happening in this project?
  4. are you able to reproduce this in a new project or existing example?
  5. Are you using custom Blueprints or C++ code?

Thank you!


Just to start some preliminary checks that may tell us what’s going on.

In the Scene Outliner are you seeing any objects listed? Even if the objects are hidden they will still be visible here in the outliner list like so.


Next, If you right click in the scene outliner or in the editor viewport > Visibility > show all actors

This will make anything that was accidentally hidden now visible again.

Let me know if this helps!

Thank you!