Double click / touch

Hi everyone. I have a problem with clicking and touching. We create a project for windows on a touch screen. Problem:

  1. Adds a button to the widget.
  2. On click button -> print string hello
  3. I’m touching the button.
  4. Result - 2 x hello
  5. I click on the button
  6. Result - 1 x hello
    How to fix it ?

If you never need double click, you may try a doonce (don’t forget to reset when action done to be able for next click)

That’s a good suggestion, thx.
I would like the widget broswer to work well, but you need some other way to do it. Do you have any idea or any suggestions? :slight_smile:

Another idea to avoid double click could be to set a bolean “FirstClick” with a delay / timer.
On click you check it : False you ignore. True you use for example a sequence on 0 your delay / timer and boolean set to false. on 1 your event.

Edit : After a short google check, i have seen some “double tap” set-up using timer. You could simply use one with 2 delays
from click to 0.05 ignore second click so : single click
from 0.05 to 0.2 double click
then single click

ok, big thanks for U reply.
How to solve the problem with a double click eg in the web browser widget?

Old post, but ended up here and thought I’d share my solution!

Hi, Good day buddy.

Would you mind sharing your solution? Thanks :smiley: