Double Click Conflicting with UI Animations / flow

Hey guys - Still working on the UI for my App and I am getting a lot further with it, I’m almost finished but I am struggling to implement a specific feature.

I basically have a menu that drops down from the left it has several buttons and each button has a secondary menu. every time you click a button it will play a short 1 second animation sliding out / In.

My problem is that is you are a happy trigger finger with the mouse you get unsightly animation jitters from the animation not finishing. The way I have tried to combat this is to add a Macro in for all my “Ins” & “Outs” animations to remove input from the use and add input when it is finished. It kind of works but I then get other problems with the state of the buttons. what I mean by that is that if you click on a button it has a hover state so then that state gets stuck once i remove the input from the user so you end up with other buttons “highlighted” once the input is back…They go away once you move the cursor over the highlighted areas, but I just think this looks a bit buggy for what I am trying to achieve…

is there a better way of doing this?

Disable Input

Disable Input.jpg

Enable Input


Typical placement of both inputs

Typical placment of input.jpg

Little bump