Dot in plugin categories does not work

[Plugins documentation][1] says that each category can be separated into different levels using dot-separated path but in 4.8 its not working. I have below string in my *.uplugin file but in editor its not being seperated.

In uplugin:

“Category”: “InfectedGamez.Blueprint”

In Editor:

Can you check this plugin in 4.7.6 engine? If it work fine there, maybe it’s just a bug of 4.8.0

then you can try report it in feedback section on forum

In 4.7.6 its working fine so its a bug in 4.8

This is actually correct place to report a bug, but thank you happyhorror. We have assigned this issue to our support staff and we’ll let you know if we have questions.

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Could you provide me with this plugin that you’re experiencing this issue with? I’m having difficulties reproducing it with a fresh one that I’ve made.

Sure . I have attached it with this post. :slight_smile:

link text

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After looking into issue, I discovered it was determined that having nested categories for Plugins resulted in a lot of deeply nested plugins without much in between. Since this was case, ability to have nested plugins was removed with 4.8 but single categories are still there as shown with ‘InfectedGamez’. I’ll be updating documentation to reflect this change shortly.

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Been a couple of years, and that documentation still hasn’t been updated.

It must have slipped my mind at time, so thank you for following up on this, . I’ve just put a UE-DOC task in to have it edited, as I’m no longer editing Documentation myself.

No problem. How does one get in on editing documentation? I seriously spend a good brunt of my day reading it and am constantly finding simple mistakes, up to completely outdated/erroneous data. At very least, I’d like to be able to send along reports of such issues (with possible solutions).

Back on topic… any idea if this functionality might find it’s way back into engine? I’m a bit OCD with categorization, and miss ability to at least have one extra level for plugin organization purposes.

Thanks for your time!

To edit our official documentation, that is only for Epic staff. You can feel free to create pages on our public wiki however. functionality will likely not be added back into engine as it was causing other issues, if I remember correctly.

Thanks for that info Matt.

Any tips on what files one would edit in a custom build of engine, to add that functionality back in?

I’m not 100% sure where change was made, but from looking at discussion between users in this post, change was made somewhere between 4.7.6 and 4.8, which was a while ago but is still available on our Github repository. I would suggest looking for change there, there could be a commit that mentions that change in particular as well.