Dot exe file gets blocked by Windows Defender in another country ... :-)

Just a quick note.
I loaded a packaged UE4 game up on Dropbox and had a friend download it in both Australia and South Africa.
The download time is great is about 36 minutes in SA and not sure about Australia.
In both countries the zipped .exe packaged game works great no issues.
Speed is fine and the zip and Dropbox compression doesn’t break the game.
The only thing in South Africa is that my friend’s Windows Defender blocked the .exe from running (probably) because its not downloaded from a “verifiable source”.
Now for us gamer types its not a huge issue because we know how to fix that real quick :slight_smile:
But for parents with kids it might be an issue because they wont always know how to allow Windows Defender to run the .exe.
So just wondering if there can be a feature included in the packaging process that makes the packed game “friendly with anti virus programs” or is there a server one can use world wide that will allow Windows to “recognize” an .exe if downloaded from it?
Just to give you guys that feedback thank you :slight_smile:

It’s likely due to the settings within Windows Defender. I’m not sure there’s much we can do here, but I can bring it up!

You need to get a code signing certificate so that your .exe will be from a trusted publisher: Getting started with code signing for under $100 - Jeff Wilcox

Thanks Amanda!

Aha! Somehow had a feeling there would be something like that. Great to know thank you! :slight_smile:
And of course they want money grrrr :slight_smile:

Its just like those ISBN numbers you have to buy when publishing a book.
I ran into that issue years ago when I self published my novel.