Dose the graphic become better if I change my graphic card? I have GTX 670

I have GTX 670, I was wondering if I change it to a higher level will the graphic become better or it how the card will Handle assets on the scene?

I’m using Asus GTX 670 2Gb

I think for this question to be answered in a helpful way you will need to be more specific. What do you mean by “Become better”? Do you mean will the editor perform better with more actors and higher res textures or Just have higher fidelity levels. In general terms a GTX 670 has the capacity to use very high resolution textures and high poly count assets. though it won’t perform very well in extremely dense scenes. 2GB ram of the card may hold you back in some cases as well. The performance of the card could also be hindered by not having enough system ram as well. I hope this helps and if any of my remarks are off in any way please explain.

thank you for your replay.

I mean when I load some big unreal project like infiltrator from the the marketplace, its not good as the orginal Demo its more blurred and slow fps in some areas,
I use i7 3930k CPU 3.20 GHz 12M Cach
16G of Ram

I need more answers please :slight_smile:

I recently noticed how quickly the engine consumes video card ram. I tried setting the preview to 4k and it used all my video ram instantly. I can only guess this may be your issue too with only 2gb 670. On another thought Nvidia is releasing their new Quardo 5000 with 24GB of ram onboard. In the real world I think maybe the example scenes just might not be well optimised and if we knew what we were doing we would have already figured this out.

yah thats right, thanks again