Dos and Don'ts while creating android game

I am trying to create an open world terrain game using Unreal Engine. I used high quality assets, windzones etc & the character doesn’t even move. It’s struck at one place.

I have played a lot of games by Gameloft(like wild blood etc). I am trying to create a FPS multiplayer open world arena game

I need some guide to create better android games with Unreal. Right now I am literally throwing models created from 3DSMax(treating it like PC Game) and I have no idea what’s the right way to create a portable device game.

Please suggest me some resources/books/website etc where I can read

Pretty much all the sections under General Mobile Development should help with content creation and development for mobile platforms.

This won’t teach you about game mechanics that you describe in part of your post but it will help with development for these platforms and how to get the right results.