Doorframe clipping

Hi there,

i just imported my CAD Model as c4d file into my level and some of my doorframes are kind of flickering im not sure if clipping is the right word for it.
I tried to capture the error in a screenshot but i didnt manage to catch the best moment for the shot an animated clip would be the best here but i dont have the tools.
Anyway you can see in the attached picture that this behaviour doesnt apply to all the doorframes i dont know why but just some of them are like clipping and the bricks of the wall behind the frame get visible through the frame.

p.s.: ignore the fact that my doors look like they are made of concrete… i have no idea why my wood texture looks like this after importing from cinema4d…

i guess this screenshot is more on point…

I would say it would be because of the UV overlap. Make the door frame a little smaller if you can so they don’t overlap. And that should fix the issue.

I think what you describe is something called z-fighting.

If you have overlaying geometry where two faces are exactly in the same place, the engine cannot determin which one has to be rendered on top.
AFAIK the flickering is caused by tiny differences in the calculation of the rendered geometry.

The best way to avoid things like this is not having overlaying geometry at all.

In reality every object has to have some sort of material strength/thickness.
Just take a look at real doorframes for reference.
Either they wrap arround a hole in the wall, fit exactly inside or sit on top of it on one side of the wall.
But they always have a thickness that also depends on the material they are made off.

If there is a flat transition between Wall and Doorframe, the Wall would have indents for the frame.