Door with physics constraint glitch

Description of functionality

I did physics based door with physics constraint, by default it’s angular maximum set to one, when player interact with it, it sets to 90°, to shut it player just need to push it towards it’s frame, closing based on two overlapping boxes, one child of door, another is a child of frame, as soon as they meet each other, angular limit sets back to 1.


When door swings too fast, box components simply ignore each other, i think it’s because they very thin (1 unit), I’ve done them this way because otherwise they meet to early and door visibly snaps to it’s please, which doesn’t look good.

And another problem - if player pushes the door not from it’s front or back but from side, then door for some reason snaps to it’s closed position, it may happen even if player will slightly touch it

Demonstration video

I resolved problem - my mistake, i didn’t done check for overlap propeply

How did you resolve it, do you have like a tutorial on how you did the door physics?