Door that costs points?

I have this door BP and want it to take points from the ThirdPersonCharacter player when the player opens the door using the f key.
I have tried several different approaches with no success.
Does anyone have a screenie of what it should look like or a link to a tut that is on this exact thing?

Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

Firstly, I’d recommend plugging that EndOverlap into the Reverse pin on the timeline :wink:

After that you do something like:

( assuming you have a variable called PlayerPoints )

After the Get Player Character node, I do not get the same nodes as in your screenie.
I have tried dragging off of the pin of the first node and tried right-clicking in the open.
Please, how did you get the nodes that you did?

Sorry buddy, just saw your message. You need to quote people here, otherwise they don’t know there’s been an update :wink:

So, from the character node, drag off and find Cast To Third Person Character. When you put the node in, it will execute pins on it, but here, we know we are already dealing with 3rd person. We don’t need to check.

So we convert the node to what’s called ‘pure cast’ by right clicking on the node and choosing ‘convert to pure cast’.

Quote me if you get stuck… :slight_smile:

I got that far but then I do not have the proper nodes offered as options.
All I get are these.

If there is anyone that has the answer to my dilemma, please tell me how I can get the needed nodes.

Sorry! Totally didn’t see your messages, must be something to do with the Answerhub update.


  1. You need to make the variable ( in your case, TargetPoints ) in the player ( then compile ).

  2. Now drag the blue pin on the pure cast and look for GetTargetPoints. You will also see SetTargetPoints.

Tell me how it goes :slight_smile:

I still could not get the correct nodes.
I do have information that might help though.
Being new to it I am not entirely sure what it means.

I asked someone that should know and they said to do it this way “ThirdPersonCharacter” “Get Controller” and “Cast to GameplayPC” and “Remove Points” function.

No, that’s not it, sorry.

You’re so close ( above ) where you have the pure cast ( it doesn’t have to be a pure one, it’s just neater ).

Make sure your player has the variable and do like I said above: drag the pin from the cast and look for your variable name…

The information that I provided is from the discord of the vendor that created the template that I am using.

I’m afraid you’ll need to get them to explain then, I have no idea about that… :-/

Thank you for your time.
I do appreciate it. :slight_smile: