Door Swings in Architectural Visualization

Does anyone have a good process for implementing door swings in a large project? My process is to take a Revit model into 3DS and break it up by categories of objects and bring it into Unreal. Currently, I have all doors grouped to bring in together. Does anyone have any kind of a good process for efficiently creating door swings within a project that has a lot of doors? I’m currently trying to figure out how to enable a door to swing open as I walk through it, or push it open with my hand in VR. I just haven’t found a good way to allow this physical opening of a door, or how to do it efficiently in a project with hundreds of doors. My current process is to just leave the doors with no collision and walk through the door, which is not a very impressive way of doing it…

You have to find a fine balance between “realistic” and “useful” in this case. Would it be annoying or any less immersive if the doors were opened and closed with a trigger?

I approach this by separating the doorframe and the door. When a trigger is input, make the door lerp from 90 degrees to open. You could add physics and interactive elements, but that just might not be as immersive.

A simple door blueprint is enough, logic is to enable interaction (button prompt, animation) once the player is in EventBeginOverlap trigger box.

You can make instances of blueprint to control the angle of door swing, direction, or even control the size/type of door all in one blueprint.

As for the amount of doors, you dont need to worry about it much since blueprint with static mesh in it will be hidden out of visibility volume.

I have been able to create the swings by using triggers and animation, but I really want the door to swing by using the physics of the character running into the door. I have the Oculus Touch remotes, so with VR, I would like to be able to reach out and push the door or grab it shut. Is there any way to set up a door with physics constraints in 3DS and import it into Unreal, using bones or something, and not having to edit it in Unreal. My only idea is that if that’s possible, I can set up a door in 3DS, then use a script to replace all of the others, then just export that group to Unreal.

I guess simply, is there any way in 3DS to set up a door with a pivot constraint on the hinge, so I just have to import it into 3DS and activate physics? Can bones do this?