Door sounds problem


So I have a nice door set up to open/close and it all works nicely, except that the sound that plays on Start and reverse on the timeline is timed to the length of the anim for the door opening/closing. If the player steps out of the trigger before the sound has stopped playing or vice versa - then the sound will lose it’s correct timing.

I could maybe think of a way if I split up the sound into the ‘moving’ bit and then the ‘start/end’ clunk sound, and possibly use some kind of boolean check for determining if the door is not equal to closed or open then play ‘moving’ sound, else play ‘clunk’.
Is there an easier way without having to split the sound up?


There’s really no other way of doing it reliably then?

Not really, no. Splitting the audio up into separate “start”, “main loop” and “end” clips is pretty much the standard procedure for things like this.