Door Rotation BP

Alright having followed this tutorial : for Door Rotation i am not getting the same results. I am using a custom door (but that should not have an issue) Here is the BP Image:

Sooooo What is it that I am not doing right?

thanks ahead of time for the input ya all…

What kind of results are you getting instead?

Hey Jared, The door is not moving at all… :confused:

Ok, there are a number of different reasons that could be. First, it looks like you’re using a separate blueprint for this door that still accepts input. If you head over to the defaults tab there’s a section near the bottom called “Input.” Make sure “Block Input” isn’t checked and you may have to set “Auto Receive Input” to a player number. Most likely player zero.

Failing that, try setting up some “Print String” nodes around the blueprint after you expect something to happen. Try putting one between “OnComponentBeginOverlap” and “Enable Input” that prints out a message like “Component overlap successful”. Then go through the rest of the series of events placing print nodes so you can follow what is happening and what isn’t so we can better pinpoint the issue. :slight_smile:

Well that Worked…But if you have multiple players in the area wot player0 Cause it an issue??

Yes, which is why just using this basic example for production isn’t what you’ll want to do if you’re making a multiplayer game. Instead, you’ll probably want to have your character check for overlaps instead and check the “other actor” or “other comp” that you overlapped with. Then you can open that door using the character if the overlap is the door’s box component.

Whenever possible, make the player pawn responsible for collision, distance, etc. checks. One actor ticking and checking this kind of stuff beats multiple actors doing it, especially when it’s something you’ll have a lot of, like doors.