Door - Pivot problem

I have imported a door into UE4 and created a blueprint for it. I can open and close the door. No problem. But there is a huge problem with the pivot point. The door dont turns around this pivot point which I have set in the 3D program.

I have attached a picture to this mail. What can I do now? Can I change the rotation point manually?

Best regards, Andreas


It’s a little hard to tell how your door pivot is setup for its location based on the front view from Blender. If it’s on the edge this would be the ideal place so that it’s rotating accordingly. If that is the case when you place the mesh in the Blueprint you’ll want to make sure that it’s lined up with the world origin of the component because this will be the pivot point of your BP and not your meshes pivot.

Thank you!


Hi Tim,
thank you for your answer. I have checked this. In the Blueprint component view I have no possiblity to move the door. I can only adjust the TriggerBox which I created. At the moment I really dont know how I can solve this problem. The pivot point is exactly at the right edge of the 3D door model.

Best regards, Andreas

Hi Tim,
I solved the problem. You need to move the right corner of the door exact to 0,0,0 in the 3D program. After this I moved the anchor point to this position. Then I exported the door model via FBX to UE4. Now everything works perfect.

Best regards, Andreas

Glad you got it. Anytime you’re making models that need to rely on a pivot make sure that pivot is at the world origin as this is what UE4 will recognize as the pivot of any meshes.


Guys, this is can’t be serious. Moving each object of a complex building to the origin of the 3D Program in order to get the pivot right? This is ridiculous and cumbersome. Why is the Unreal editor not able to modify the pivot of an object like Blender for example?

You exactly correct. This is absolutely ridiculous and nonsensical.

This might be a little late, but inside of a blueprint, you can just use a small workaround until they implement being able to change mesh pivot points.

So I have a small door like this (notice the red arrow component)

It’s oriented at the bottom right side of the door.
Then I have my components set up like this, making sure that the door mesh is attached to the arrow component

Then just rotate the arrow instead of the mesh:

Pretty simple to setup and will achieve what you are trying to do as a workaround instead of having to go into the modelling program and change the origin.

It seems you can just add a scene component (when you click Add Component, it’s just called “Scene”) and use that instead of the arrow.

Just learned that, before I was using Static Mesh Components with the mesh set to None; which was a bit too ugly. :wink:

really? thats the power of the unreal engine? ridiculous!

I don’t know if this is a newer feature but you can actually change mesh pivot points permanently in UE4.
Is that what you’re looking for?

Just Alt+Middle mouse on the white sphere(Which is the pivot point) and drag it to where you want. then right click and select one of the options for pivots (whichever suits you best)

The process may be a little different than I remember it but it’s possible:)

But it doesnt work in Blueprint’s viewport

I’m also looking for a blueprint or c++ option to move the pivot point :confused:

Hello guys
this is solution about door pivot point.
use scene component first, with this scene you can change pivot of your scene component and then make parent to your door and box collusion, after this you make blueprint using scene component rather than door. i post reference image with this so try it.
it will work finally. so please try it. thankyou.