Door Opening Blueprint

So i make this door open blueprint from following a tutorial but when i pressed it it doesnt is there something i did wrong?

heres the pictures

What do you mean it isn’t there? Does the door dissapear? Can you open it? Can you close it?

No the door wont open and close


Have you put a print string off E not make sure it if firing.

If so, can you post your timeline.

what is that? im new this is from tutorial but it didnt worked but heres my timeline

Out from E, drag a line and type print string.

If E is being called it will print hello in the top left when playing and you hit E. Good little debug thing.

With a little tip with timelines, make sure the length matches how long you want it to run, you have length at 5 seconds, but only runs for 1. should not hurt but would if you wanted it to run for 10 seconds, it would cause issue.

And you could get rid of the second marker, unless you put that in on purpose.

But it looks ok for now though.

Is you door mesh set to moveable in viewport in details tab?


yes its movable and whats more i already created a print string and it doesnt fire