Door opening at wrong position in Sequence Recorder

I used Sequence Recorder to record my firstpersoncharacter opening a blueprint door during gameplay. I added two actors to the capture list: firstpersoncharacter and door. It managed to capture the firstpersoncharacter movement in sequencer properly.

However the door is not replaying at it’s correct position. The door opens like 45 degrees to the northwest of the correct position.

Is this fixable?

did you set the location of the door in sequencer, it sounds like it is jumping to the original position you dragged it in at

I just playback the captured sequencer animation, didn’t set location of door. this is a video screenshot: - YouTube

The captured door is on the wrong position at the top right. Can it be fixed?

hmmm… I had the same problem capturing two characters, one would work and the other not… here is what I did…

I captured using the ‘anim blueprint’ for both characters
after the capture I changed the second character in the blueprint from ‘anim blueprint’ to ‘blendspace’ and it played correctly

don’t know if this is your problem but capture seems to have a problem capturing more than the primary member, if that makes any sense to you

how did you set up your door, seems to me a long time ago I had the same problem with a BP door and ended up saying the he** with it and just set it and rotated it in sequencer

This is the door BP. I suspect the problem has something to do with the physics constraint hinge because the axis is different from the door axis, but i am totally unsure how to fix it.

Yes we can rotate the door manually in sequencer, but my character needs to enter and exit like 7 or 8 doors, it’s too painful to manually keyframe all the door movements in sequencer.

I’m not sure how to change “anim blueprint” to “blendspace”, can you show me how?

cool, this doesn’t look too hard to reproduce… how do you trigger it, with a trigger volume…

this had to do with two skeletal meshes in the same BP for record capture, doesn’t have anything to do with this

had currently a similar issue,
you can change the location of your door in the BP to world after recording.