Door is Triggering Event Actor End Overlap. Why?

So I have door set to simple rotation to make it open.

The problem is when the door rotates open it triggers Event Actor End Overlap. I watch it happen when I play my level. As far as I know I have all the correct settings for my Trigger Box. I followed the official Unreal Sliding Glass Door Tutorial to get the correct settings.

I have no idea why it would be doing this.

Hey Warlord213-

Do you have your box trigger set up as a component inside the blueprint? I believe what’s happening is that when your door opens, the trigger box moves with the door and away from the player, triggering the EventEndOverlap once it moves far enough away. You could create a box trigger from the Modes Tab under Volumes and then set up the door behavior inside the level blueprint as in the video here:


That is exactly what is going on. Thanks